Stony Tracks

Show 22 with Michele Welborn - Jan. 8th


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Stony Tracks is like Desert Island Discs, but with photos of the guests life on the big screen, and the guest chooses 10 pieces of music rather than the 8 on the radio.
I believe that everyone's life is interesting, and my hope is that you'll come to the shows irrespective of whether you know the guest or not.
The shows are on the second Wednesday of most months in the Beechey Room at York House. This year there will be no show in December. All profits from ticket and bar sales go to help fund projects at York House to help improve the facilities.
How to get tickets;
In person from York House & Odell's.
Tel. York House 01908 563361 
Online at, (50p booking fee).
At the preceding show.
N.B. Only 6 tickets at a time  are allocated to wegottickets, (more will be added as necessary) the rest are on sale from York House & Odell's - cash only please.
I got the idea for Stony Tracks when I was at a festival in 2017 and there were a couple of 'Desert Island Disc' events featuring artists who were performing at the festival.
I've built on the concept by using PowerPoint to show photo's of the guest's lives, and play the tracks from YouTube if available.
I don't impose The Bible & The Complete Works of Shakespeare on the guests, but of course some guests do choose them.

At Pat Nicholson's show, he presented me with a poem he'd written about his take on how Stony Tracks started. See photo.

Derek Gibbons
About York House
York House Centre is a well-used Youth, Community and Arts Centre three minutes’ walk from Stony Stratford town centre. The three storey Victorian building (c.1860) is Grade II Listed and is run by a Centre Manager & Volunteer Board of Trustees to provide rooms for hire for the whole community.

York House Centre
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S.T. 22 - Michele Welborne - 08-01-20

Track 1  -  

Track 2   -

Track 3   -

Track 4   -

Track 5   -

Track 6   -

Track 7   -

Track 8   -

Track 9   -

Track 10  -
S.T. 22  - Michele Welborne - 08-01-20

S.T. 23 - Anne Cryer-Whitehead - 12-02-20

S.T. 13 - Paul Cantwell - 09-01-19

Track 1   Sandy Nelson, "Let there be drums"

Track 2   The Yardbirds, "Smokestack Lightening

Track 3   John Mayall, "Crawling up a Hill"

Track 4   Focus, "Sylvia"

Track 5   Spooky Tooth, "Evil Woman"

Track 6   Joe Walsh, "Rocky Mountain Way"

Track 7   Frank Zappa, "Peaches en Regalia"

Track 8    Chicago, "25 or 6 to 4"

Track 9   Lynyrd Skynrd, "Freebird"

Track 10  Weather Report, "Thanks for the Memory" (featuring Wayne Shorter)

If Paul could only have one track - Track 5 - Spooky Tooth


Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury

DR No - Ian Fleming

Stark - Ben Elton  (not Elton John as I said at the show)

And talking of books, you can buy Paul's book 'Access-all-Areas'  HERE or to collect personally please email or or phone 01908 635 917

Luxury Item

A laptop and DVD of 2001 A Space Odyssey

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S.T. 16 - Vicki Shakeshaft - 10-04-19

Track 1   -  Stranger on the Shore - Andy Williams

Track 2   -  Bus Stop - The Hollies

Track 3   -  Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed

Track 4   -  Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Track 5   -  Everything Possible – Roy Bailey

Track 6   -  In These Shoes – Kirsty McColl

Track 7   -  Singt dem grossen Bassa Lieder  - Mozart

Track 8   -  Asmarina  Mulatu Astatqe

Track 9   -  In My Life - The Beatles

Track 10 - Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen


A Place of Greater Safety - Hilary Mantel
The Strangers Child - Alan Hollinghurst

Luxury Item

A camera with a Solar Charging Panel

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S.T. 17 - Andy Fenton - 08-05-19

S.T. 18 - Terrie Howey - 12-06-19

Click the  text below to download the full text on which Terrie's show was based. There's lots of info' we didn't have time to cover.

Stony Tracks.pdf

Track 1    Final Countdown  -   Europe. 1st Single I bought.

Track 2    Children of the Revolution  -   T.REX. 

Track 3    Bohemian Rhapsody  -   Queen  My Dad and I loved Queen, so much that as a Kid I used my dolls to re-enact the LiveAid concert for my Dad whilst force feeding him very sweet biscuits I made.

Track 4    No Rain  -  Blind Melon   I loved this song back in the day, most people don't know the band, but when I met my partner he was a big fan too.

Track 5    Dr.Who Theme 

Track 6    As the World Falls Down. David Bowie    Any of the songs from this film (Labyrinth) Remind me of my Granddad. Although Ziggy Stardust is my Bowie Favourite, this song has a personal connection.

Track 7.   Stand and Deliver. Adam Ant.

Track 8    Think  -  Aretha Franklin.

Track 9    Crucify  -   Tori Amos.

Track 10   Wuthering Heights  -   Kate Bush.

If Terrie could only have one track - Track 4

Not part of Teriie's choices but also 
The program which inspired my career. The Storyteller, Jim Henson

And see if you can spot Terrie's in this Suede video. She's from 2.40 for 10 seconds and you can only see her hair!


1. Katherine Briggs Dictionary of British Folk Lore

2. H.Harman. Sketches of Buckinghamshire

3. Terry Prachett complete collection.

Luxury Item

A Magic Lamp

Click the  text below to download the full text on which Terrie's show was based. There's lots of info' we didn't have time to cover.

Stony Tracks.pdf

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S.T. 19 - Vanessa Horton - 14-08-19

Track   1  -   I Was Born Under a Wandering Star - Lee Marvin

Track   2  -  Seasons in the sun – Terry Jacks  

Track   3  -   Does your mother know – Abba 

Track   4  -   Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf

Track   5  -   Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel 

Track   6  -    Another Suitcase in another Hall - Barbara Dickson

Track   7  -   Nothing Compares to You - Sinead O'Connor

Track   8  -   Room for a Life - Kate Bush - 

Track   9  -   Slipping Through my Fingers - Abba

Track   10  -  With a little help from my friends  - Wet Wet Wet


Sophie’s World - Jostein Gardner
The Book Thief- Markus Zusac
 Whistle Down the Wind - Mary Hayley Bell

Luxury Item
A freezer full of men for different occasions!

Read some of Vanessa's poetry on her Blog


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S.T. 20 - Paul Martin - 09-10-19

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Track 1     The Goons  -  The Ying Tong Song

Track 2     Shirley Bassey  -  Goldfinger

Track 3     Rolling Stones  -  The Last Time

Track 4     John Mayalls Bluesbreakers  -  Dust my Blues

Track 5     Gabriel Yacoub  -  Pierre de Grenoble

Track 6     Peter Gabriel  -  Sledgehammer

Track 7     Gentiane  -  Plant Un Cao

Track 8     Gilles Chabenat  & Frederic Paris  -  Où t'en vas-tu?

Track 9    The Waifs  -  Lighthouse

Track 10  Jewell & Martin - La Passeggiata (sorry, not available on YouTube)

If Paul could only have one track - Track 7

Spike Milligan Book of Poetry

Bob Dylan Songbook


A box with  his Guitar & Mandola

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S.T. 21 - Peter Waterman - 13-11-19

S.T. 1 - Ken Daniels 08-11-17

Track  1  Joseph Locke - I'll take you home again Kathleen

Track  2  The Goons - I'm walking backwards for Christmas

Track  3  Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

Track  4  Julie London - Cry me a river

Track  5  Blind Willie Johnson - Nobody's fault but mine 

Track  6  The Beatles - Love me do

Track  7  Beethoven - 9th Symphony 4th movement

Track  8  Ivor Cutler - Stick out your chest

Track  9  Mahalia Jackson - I walked into the garden

Track 10 Juan Serrano - Zambra

Luxury Item
More music on an Ipod


  • Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake
  • Complete works of Ivor Cutler or Kurt Vonnegut
  • If I’m allowed a large dictionary, Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce

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S.T. 2 - Dave Quayle 13-12-17

Track  1  Everly Brothers – When will I be loved – from The Fabulous style of the Everly Brothers

Track  2  The Beatles – I’ll be back from Hard Day’s Night

Track  3  The Kinks – Last of the steam powered trains from The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society

Track  4  Bob Dylan – Mr Tambourine Man  from The real Albert Hall concert 1966

Track  5  Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - Waggoner’s lad from Bert & John

Track  6  John Coltrane – My favourite things  from My favourite things

Track  7 Mary Chapin Carpenter – Come on, come on from Come on, come on 

Track  8  Jackie Leven – Another man’s rain from Oh What a blow that phantom dealt me

Track  9  Traveling Wilburys – Handle with care from The Traveling Wilburys Vol One

Track 10 Patti Smith – Fuji-san from Banga

Luxury Item

Mark Twain - Life on the Mississippi
Thomas Pynchon - Against the day
Tristram Shandy

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S.T. 3 - Vicki Holton 10 - 01 - 18

Track  1   The Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana – Pietro Mascagni

Track  2   Wild is the Wind – David Bowie

Track  3   Sweet Nothing – Working Week

Track  4   Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Track  5   Common People – Pulp

Track  6   Ship Building – Elvis Costello

Track  7   Promised Land – Charlie Wood

Track  8  Ne Me Quitte Pas – Jacques Brel

Track  9   Lilac Wine – Elkie Brooks

Track 10  Give Me the Night - George Benson (produced by Quincy Jones)

Luxury Item

A big goose down pillow


Complete works of Shakespeare

Complete works of John Irving

The Collected Poems of Robert Browning

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S.T. 4 - Ian Freemantle 14-02-18

Track  1   Nightingale Singing  (Recording of Nightingale birdsong on May 19th 1942 as 197 Wellington and Lancaster bombers fly overhead on a bombing raid to Germany) Fast forward to 2 mins 30 secs. 

Track  2     Specials  –  Ghost Town

Track  3    Xpansions  –  Move Your Body

Track  4   Arrested Development  –  Everyday People

Track  5    Headmix Collective  - Spirals

Track  6    Inner Terrestrials  -  Run Tings

Track  7     My Lady of Autumn 

Track  8     Ben Howard  -  Keep Your Head

Track  9    Crowns  -  Kissing Gate

Track 10   The Waterboys  -  A Man is in Love

Luxury Item
A top quality axe

Propa Propaganda - Benjamin Zephaniah
The Fish Who Could Wish - John Bush & Korky Paul

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S.T. 5 - Judy Deveson 14-03-18

S.T. 6 - Roy Nevitt 11-04-18

Track  1    Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino

Track  2    Symphony No 5 in C Minor, op. 67 by Ludwig van Beethoven (First Movement)

Track  3.  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Peggy Seeger

Track  4.  The Knotty (from a musical documentary directed  by Peter Cheeseman

Track  5.  Do You Ever Think of England? by Rod Hall

Track  6 . Rise Up Jock! by Tony Barrand and John Roberts

Track  7.  Noye's Fludde by Benjamin Britten (Kyrie Eleison)

Track  8.  There's A War On by John Close

Track  9.  Mack the Knife by Louise Armstrong and Lotte Lenya

Track 10. Patriotic Song by Stephen Oliver (from Nicholas Nickleby)

Luxury item
A telescope

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
Paradise Lost - John Milton
The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer

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S.T. 7 - Sarah Pinborough 09-05-18

Track   1   Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

Track   2   Money Money Money - Abba

Track   3   Come on, Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Track   4   Hancock's Half Hour theme

Track   5    Material Girl - Madonna

Track   6   The Piano Man – Billy Joel

Track   7   We are Family - Sister Sledge

Track   8   Freedom '90 - George Michael

Track   9   I walk the line - Johnny Cash

Track 10  One Day like this – Elbow

If Sarah could only have one track - George Michael – Freedom '90

Luxury Item
My dog, Ted


The Stand – Stephen King

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – C S Lewis

The Passage – Justin Cronin


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S.T. 8 - Andy Powell 13-06-18

Track   1 -  Songs From the Wood - Jethro Tull

Track   2 -  Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavoroti From 3 Tenors World Cup concert (this isn't the version played at the show)

Track   3 -  Who will blow the candle out - Coope Boyes & Simpson

Track   4 -  Streets of London - Ralph McTell. (First song I ever played on my own in the Vaults)

Track   5 -  Opus Taylor: Working in the coal mine / I feel good - Run C&W. 

Track   6 -  Nkosi Sikele’l- Afrika Shosholoza - Lady Smith Black Mabazo.

Track   7 -  Sound and Vision - David Bowie. (Genius at work)

Track   8 - Watching Records go round and round - Jimmy Brewer

Track   9 -  Icarus - Sound of Rum (written by Kate Tempest)

Track  10 - Mistress Alcohol - Palmerston. (In memory of my dear friend Peter Ball)

If Andy could only have one Track -  Songs From the Wood - Jethro Tull

Luxury Item
A guitar with indestructible strings.
I gave Andy a very expensive guitar, & an endless supply of strings.


The Boys Handy Book by D.C. beard

The Lord of the rings... Tolkien

The complete works of Shakespeare,

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S.T. 9 - Bob Adams 12-09-18

Track  1    Spike Jones & his City Slickers
If you like more of Spike here's a link to a documentary about him

Track  2    Cream - White Room (Live Royal Albert Hall 2005)

Track  3    Bruce Hornsby and The Range - Jacob’s Ladder

Track  4     Bryan Adams & Tina Turner - It’s Only Love

Track  5    Jerry Douglas - Sir Aly B

Track  6    Dermot Crehan - Give Me Your Hand

Track  7    Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby - I can’t make you love me

Track  8   Mohini Dey with A R Rahman, Prasanna and Berklee College of Music Indian Ensemble - Thee Thee & Malargale 

Track  9   Roy Bailey - Rolling Home

Track 10   Spooky Men’s Chorale - Crossing the Bar

If Bob could only have one Track - Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby

Luxury Item

A tool chest


  • Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • A survival book (I gave Bob The Wilderness Survival Guide by Joe O'Leary
  • A Sarah Pinbporough book (Bob once lived next door to Sarah)

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S.T. 10 - Caz Tricks 10-10-18


Track 1   Ned Miler - From a Jack to a Queen

Track 2   NAP200 - Panic in your Mind

Track 3   The Blues Collective - The Crack

Track 4   Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House

Track 5   David Bowie - 5 Year

Track 6   Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse

Track 7   MOZART   Requiem  - LACRIMOSA -  Herbert von Karajan

Track 8   Calon Lan - Dunvant Male Choir with Bryn Terfel at  Mynddbach chapel

Track 9   Elvis Costello - Tramp the Dirt Down

Track 10   Cornishmen sung by Andy Powell the & audience.

If Caz could only have one track
Mozart's Requiem

Luxury item
A solar powered fridge full of booze, a Big Mac, and and Boots Hangover cure.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
The Complete Works of Dickens
Anthology of Poetry

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S.T. 11 - Derek Gibbons 14-11-18

Some of my favourite music, four with family significance

Track 1    Arrival of the Queen of Sheba -  George Frederic Handel 
Also one of mums favourite pices.

Track 2    I can see for miles  -  The Who

Track 3    Bare Wires Suite  - John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers (played from 5 minutes - Mick Taylors guitar solo)

Track 4    Mozart Clarinet Concerto Sharon Kam & Czech Phil’ Orc’
My daughter used to play clarinet, including this.

Track 5    Shine on you Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd

Track 6    I’m not in Love  -  10CC 
The first record Maggie & me danced to at a Stony Cricket Club function.

Track 7    Spoonful – Cream

Track 8    A Sailors Life - Fairport Convention 

Track 9    Ott & the all seeng I - The Queen of All Everything

Track 10 Tale of the Pig Horse Marital Affair – Forest of Fools
My sons band forest of fools

If Derek could only have one track - Pink Floyd - Shine on you Crazy Diamond.


How Music Works - David Byrne

London Orbital - Iain Sinclair

The Moonlandings An eyewitness account - Reginald Turnhill

Luxury Item

An ipod and player with top of the range headphones

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S.T. 12 - Irene Entwistle 12-12-18