Track  1    Spike Jones & his City Slickers
If you like more of Spike here's a link to a documentary about him

Track  2    Cream - White Room (Live Royal Albert Hall 2005)

Track  3    Bruce Hornsby and The Range - Jacob’s Ladder

Track  4     Bryan Adams & Tina Turner - It’s Only Love

Track  5    Jerry Douglas - Sir Aly B

Track  6    Dermot Crehan - Give Me Your Hand

Track  7    Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby - I can’t make you love me

Track  8   Mohini Dey with A R Rahman, Prasanna and Berklee College of Music Indian Ensemble - Thee Thee & Malargale 

Track  9   Roy Bailey - Rolling Home

Track 10   Spooky Men’s Chorale - Crossing the Bar

If Bob could only have one Track - Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Hornsby

Luxury Item

A tool chest


  • Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • A survival book (I gave Bob The Wilderness Survival Guide by Joe O'Leary
  • A Sarah Pinbporough book (Bob once lived next door to Sarah)