After nearly 6 years, Stony Tracks is over, unless anyone else wants to take up the reins.
Thanks so much to everyone who supported the events, especially the regulars. There have been 30 Stony Tracks since the first one on November 8th 2017, and almost £7000 has been raised for York House.
This website will remain for the foreseeable future if you want to look back on the guests photos and choices of music. So a;though we didn't realize it at the time, Ian Welborns show was the last one (presented by me anyway.
Ian's choices are listed below.
The Guests choices section is getting very large & cumbersome so instead of putting choices there, I'll be putting each guests choices here, and replacing them with the last show each month.
They'll also be on the Facebook Page.

Upcoming shows
June 14th with Jennifer Wilson-Marklew
Ian Welborn'schoices
Track 1: Goodnight Irene – The Weavers.
Track 2: Boys – The Beatles
Track 3: The Stumble – John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
Track 4: Beethoven’s 9th (Choral) Symphony: Last Movement
Track 5: Layla – Derek & The Dominoes
Track 6: The Ballad of Mary Magdalen – Richard Shindell
Track 7: Black Diamonds – The Pitman Poets
Track 8: Widowmaker – Trim Rig & a Doxy

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - A. Conan Doyle
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull - Richard Bach
The Old Man and the Sea- Earnest Hemmingway

Luxury Item 
A tinderbox

If Ian could only have one track
Track 5
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