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Track 1     The Goons  -  The Ying Tong Song

Track 2     Shirley Bassey  -  Goldfinger

Track 3     Rolling Stones  -  The Last Time

Track 4     John Mayalls Bluesbreakers  -  Dust my Blues

Track 5     Gabriel Yacoub  -  Pierre de Grenoble

Track 6     Peter Gabriel  -  Sledgehammer

Track 7     Gentiane  -  Plant Un Cao

Track 8     Gilles Chabenat  & Frederic Paris  -  Où t'en vas-tu?

Track 9    The Waifs  -  Lighthouse

Track 10  Jewell & Martin - La Passeggiata (sorry, not available on YouTube)

If Paul could only have one track - Track 7

Spike Milligan Book of Poetry

Bob Dylan Songbook


A box with  his Guitar & Mandola