Ian Freemantle's Choices

30 May

Track  1   Nightingale Singing  (Recording of Nightingale birdsong on May 19th 1942 as 197 Wellington and Lancaster bombers fly overhead on a bombing raid to Germany) Fast forward to 2 mins 30 secs. 

Track  2     Specials  –  Ghost Town

Track  3    Xpansions  –  Move Your Body

Track  4   Arrested Development  –  Everyday People

Track  5    Headmix Collective  - Spirals

Track  6    Inner Terrestrials  -  Run Tings

Track  7     My Lady of Autumn 

Track  8     Ben Howard  -  Keep Your Head

Track  9    Crowns  -  Kissing Gate

Track 10   The Waterboys  -  A Man is in Love

Luxury Item
A top quality axe

Propa Propaganda - Benjamin Zephaniah
The Fish Who Could Wish - John Bush & Korky Paul

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