Terrie Howey

12 Jun

Track 1    Final Countdown  -   Europe. 1st Single I bought.

Track 2    Children of the Revolution  -   TREX. 

Track 3    Bohemian Rhapsody  -   Queen  My Dad and I loved Queen, so much that as a Kid I used my dolls to re-enact the LiveAid concert for my Dad whilst force feeding him very sweet biscuits I made.

Track 4    No Rain  -  Blind Melon   I loved this song back in the day, most people don't know the band, but when I met my partner he was a big fan too.

Track 5    Dr.Who Theme 

Track 6    As the World Falls Down. David Bowie    Any of the songs from this film (Labyrinth) Remind me of my Granddad. Although Ziggy Stardust is my Bowie Favourite, this song has a personal connection.

Track 7.   Stand and Deliver. Adam Ant.

Track 8    Think  -  Aretha Franklin.

Track 9    Crucify  -   Tori Amos.

Track 10   Wuthering Heights  -   Kate Bush.

If Terrie could only have one track - Track 4

Not part of Teriie's choices but also 
The program which inspired my career. The Storyteller, Jim Henson

And see if you can spot Terrie's in this Suede video. She's from 2.40 for 10 seconds and you can only see her hair!


1. Katherine Briggs Dictionary of British Folk Lore

2. H.Harman. Sketches of Buckinghamshire

3. Terry Prachett complete collection.

Luxury Item

A Magic Lamp

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