09 Jun

Track 1   -   Britten's Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

Track 2 -    Danny Kaye - The King's New Clothes 

Track 3  -   Howells St Pauls Magificat

Track 4 -   T. Rex - 20th Century Boy

Track 5 -   Shostokovich - Symphony No. 10

Track 6 -   Ian Drury - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Track 7 -   Fat and Frantic - Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head

Track 8 - Love Lifts Us Up from "Everything That Has Breath" Album

Track 9 - Breaths by Sweet Honey in the Rock recorded by MK Community Choir

Track 10 - Beatles Medley from Young Voices May 2022 starts at 1hr.24mins 

If Craig could have only one Track - Track 5


The Essential Spike Milligan
Three men In A Boat
Mr God This Is Anna

Luxury Item

A top of the range racing bike & a long smooth road

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