Andy Powell's Choices

1. Songs From the Wood - Jethro Tull. (My first expedition outside my fathers record collection)

2.Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavoroti 

3. Streets of London - Ralph McTell. (First song I ever played on my own in the Vaults)

 4.Otis Taylor: Working in the coal mine / I feel good - Run C&W.

5. Nkosi Sikele’l- Afrika Shosholoza - Lady Smith Black Mambazo. (The best national anthem in the world)

6. Sound and Vision - David Bowie. (Genius at work)

 7. Watching Records go round and round - Jimmy Brewer. (Got to support a great local artist)

 8. Icarus - Sound of Rum (Kate Tempest). (This track made me cry, and stop my car when I first heard it)

 9. Mistress Alcohol - Palmerston. (In memory of my dear friend Peter Ball

 10. Who will blow the candle out - Coope Boyes & Simpson This version is Barry Cope & John Tams as the Coope Boyes & Simpson one doesn't seem to be on YouTube.
If you have Spotify, try this link




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